Many companies promote an excellent worker or hire an educated person and they fail to pay attention to the characteristics of a good leader. The ability to lead effectively is a skill that few naturally possess. Rather, developing the skill is a long, involved process. It requires training, time and practice. In addition, there are four characteristics that most successful leaders haveā€¦

Good Leader Characteristics

Characteristic #1: Knowledge

Knowledge alone is not enough to make a good leader; however, knowledge of the job at hand can make a world of difference in leadership. It is easier to lead a team down a road that you have traveled before. If the leader doesn't have firsthand experience in the jobs of their subordinates, they have to be willing to learn the tasks and get familiar with the processes so that they can relate to their team members.

Characteristic #2: Exceptional communication skills

The benefit of effective communication is shared understanding among team members. A good leader has the ability to listen, observe, question, analyze, evaluate, and process information before speaking. When a leader does speak, they should be certain that they are completely understood. If they did a good job in the process of communication, confusion will be limited.

Characteristic #3: Patience

Nothing can destroy team spirit more than an impatient leader. Patience is actually a virtue as well as a trait that good leaders possess. It is an ability to stay steadfast and to endure through difficult circumstances without provoking the team.

Characteristic #4: Self-Motivated

A leader who is self-motivated will set a good example for their team. When balanced with the rest of the good leader characteristics, a self-motivated leader will be respected by their subordinates and it will be easier for such a leader to motivate their staff.

These are the four characteristics of a good leader that set a person apart from the others. A person who has these traits is designed to develop leadership skills. With training, time and practice they will have the fortitude to be a good leader.